CasparCG server on a laptop

Hi is there a way to use a CaparCG server on a laptop and getting a fill and key output? The server has to run on a laptop, so is there any external hardware I could use to get these two outputs?

your laptop has to have a thundebolt port.
i run a hp Zbook G3 with TB3 and a Blackmagic HD Ultrastudio Mini (500$)
works perfect with caspar, vmix etc. (1 x fill&key out, 1x fill in)
we have also systems with hp omen and hp zbook G2 with thunderbolt2.
on all systems you could also use a Akito or Sonnett PCIe thunderbolt expansion chassis. in there you can add a regular PCIe card, like Duo2 or 4K pro.etc. we tested the 4K pro with UHD 50p. fill and key ok. but your laptop has to have the best gpu possible.


Thank you, this will help me alot!

Which equipment you are connecting with SDI?

You could look into using Support has been added in 2.3


I am using an Akitio Node Lite Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with a BMD Duo2 inside which will give 2x separate Key/Fill

Hi all,

What the cheapest Laptop with 4x pcie Thunderbolt 3? and decent CPU? Would Gen 6 i7 be enough grunt?

Perhaps an old Dell Alienware? Thinking of pairing it with a Sonnet Echo Express SE III Thunderbolt 3 which will hold a Duo 2 and Graphics Card.


AFAIK Thunderbolt ports do not have many PCIe lanes available on the host (PC or laptop) side. I think it‘s 4 lanes. So to run a GPU (16 lanes) and a Decklink Duo (4 lanes) it would not work well. So, I would suggest to use a laptop with a good internal GPU (nVidia) and use the Thunderbolt only for the Decklink.

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OK, that’s good information to know didi…

Will keep doing some research.


I’m fan of Dell laptops so I have test at Precision series (7520 with Quadro K2200 i7-6820 ) and Dell G5 (i7-8750H with 1050 ti) and I have the same results on CPU (40%) and GPU(28%) prossesing with Blackmagick Hyper Studio(FILL+KEY). Propably the cheaper G3 will also fit to your needs. Tested only with 2.07

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OK thank tsipas. Will check those models out.

Do they have thunderbolt 3 to fit my dou 2 card do you know?


There are several sub-models of G5 and 7520 you must check if they have Thunderbolt 3, both laptops I checked they had. Thunderbolt port is the same with USB-C but to work as thunderbolt must have a Thunder signal

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We use MSI or Lenovo computers with Magma enclosures or Blackmagic HD Ultrastudio Mini.

The power of the computer depends of the grafics you use, we use from nvidia GTX 1050 to 1070. In some cases we had more performance with some GTX 1070 then a GTX 2070.

For laptops without Thunderbolt interface, there is an experimental support for the DataVideo TC-200. See this issue for more informations.

Appers to be great, using other brands. This ones come with a character generator software?..

I’s still dreaming to see our AJA IO XT or AJA IO 4K working on CasparCG.

As I heard from a friend who owns one, the software is crap.