CasparCG Server: Help with specs for 8x 30fps 1920x1080p multicast streams

Hi all
I am currently working on a project, that requires the distribution of media content out over a large number of multicast streams. The majority of these streams are terrestrial digital TV signals, that have been converted to multicast streams in their own dedicated unit.
However, there also needs to be a number of digital signage streams as well, potentially up-to 8 of them simultaneously.
I am yet to be informed of the precise specs of it, but I do know at the venue where the installation is taking place, there is already a fairly powerful server (In terms of the CPU) that can have some PCIe expansion cards installed into it if required.

So what I am wondering, is what in the way of GPU/s would be best to encode the streams (Using an FFMpeg consumer to do that currently), or should something else be looked into? I will also add, that the computer is a Ubuntu computer.


I would suggest to be loyal to FFmpeg. Especially if there are powerful CPUs and GPUs just stream them using Hardware Acceleration and you will be fine. You can do that either with the gpu or cpu if the last is an intel processor.


Thanks for that!
We are looking at using ffmpeg, and potentially pretranscoding the video when ingested,
to save on it needing to be done when the footage is streamed out.