CasparCG Server for Windows 10?


Is there a new CasparCG Server for Windows 10? And if so, is there a link I can download it, and details how to get it to work with previous CasparCG clients. Thanks for any assistance.

  • Arlen

Hi Arlen,

The latest CasparCG releases can be downloaded from Github and should work perfectly well on Windows 10

Hi Balte, which version of the latest Server should I download? For example, there are several updates - v2.3.0, v2.3.1, v2.3.2?

Also, I’m using CasparCG Client 2.0.8, and was previously using Server v2.0.7.

Once I download the actual CasparCG Server for Windows 10, will the Client 2.0.8 still work on it? Also, is there a specific area that the zip file needs to be extracted to? And is there anything I’ll need to do that my files and videos are pointed to it? I’m not so savvy on that side of things.

Whatever you are able to assist with would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

  • Arlen

In general I would recommend downloading 2.3.1 as that is the current latest stable. If you are coming from 2.0.7 please be aware there have been some significant changes that may break your current workflows and it will be worth investigating a bit first, see here for the entire changelog: GitHub Changelog

I believe CasparCG Client 2.0.8 will be fine but if it doesn’t work you can always find the latest versions here: