CasparCG server 2.3 Edit Source Code

Hello All ,
any one can help me how can edit casparCG server like 2.3 because 2.0 can edit with visual studio .

If you look at the source code on github, I think you will find build instructions for visual studio in

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I have been trying to compile from the sln I created with Cmake and I also encountered some problems. I don’t have a lot of experience with Cmake or VS so

The Cmake process was apparently OK, but when creating the actual caspar.exe folder with VS, upon opening it, it complained about missing the “locale” folder, related to the CEF if I’m not mistaken. The good news is that it can be copied into the Caspar folder and that solves it, but how could I make it so it gets compiled into the appropiate folder automatically?

It also complained about the OpenGL .dlls, it was missing the “swiftshader” folder. Also solved when copying it manually, but ideally the project should handle this too? or am I mistaken?

Anyone has encountered this?


That sounds like dependency issues. The solution is to either change your build directory to a folder that has those dependencies, or copy the dependencies to your build folder.

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