CasparCG Quota_Settings


I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to solve this quota error or warning message I’m seeing. I’m basically sending a HTML link to CasparCG to display out through NDI but I’m noticing a performance hit when the graphics are transitioning. I don’t know if this is a quota setting problem or if its just a bug in the HTML producer. I asked a similiar question before in the old forum about the HTML performance after an hour taking a hit and it was determine to be a bug in the HTML producer. I’m testing my HTML link on the latest CasparCG Server build 2696ec70b2fd3ea33ba4cdc9eafc7a5c09727c21 and CasparCG Client build 3dad82ffaf7b097b40d91095c87ca0f4e7c367ee

Here the HTML link I’m testing it on.

Hey @IPx

I am running into a similar issue but it is when trying to store data in the browser’s IndexedDB.

The onsuccess event fires on the Object Store but no data is created. Strangely, the table is created just fine.

Did you happen to be using anything with IndexedDB, or are these similar issues with different stems?

This likely happens because CEF in CCG doesn’t allow persistent caching (it’s caches in memory) so CEF decides it can’t support some storage APIs.

Interesting! I know nothing about CEF lol. While we are here, how would you allow a self signed SSL certificate to be accepted by CasparCG (CEF?). Right now it looks like the template destroys itself since it is invalid. I tried adding it to Windows as a trusted source with no luck (I may have messed up as well honesty).

If it’s on localhost you could try starting CCG like this:
casparcg.exe casparcg.config -allow-insecure-localhost

Otherwise you’d need a modifed CCG.