CasparCG Quad2 'late scheduled' errors

We´ve had a CasparCG running for 4 month without any problem. And now suddenly I keep getting these Errors:

[2019-09-04 20:17:34.094] [11564] [warning] DeckLink Quad 2 [2-2|1080i5000] late scheduled=1236000* decklink=1349949
[2019-09-04 20:17:34.174] [6580]  [warning] DeckLink Quad 2 [1-1|1080i5000] late scheduled=1239000* decklink=1352979

It happens just starting casparcg, even though I´m not loading any clips or have any client connected.

Has anyone a clue?

It´s on CCG 2.1.7 (NRK)

No changes to config or system in those 4 months? Think I might have seen this twice, once when the buffers for decklink where configured too low and once after Windows had updated some drivers. Still like that after a reboot?

Nothing changed in config since installing it.
And the error is still there after a reboot.

I’ve tried to raise the buffer to normal (it was low before) but that didn’t help.

I’ve also updated decklink to 11.03
Probably need to check windows drivers

Do you define <buffer-depth> for decklink or not? It defaults to 3, you can only go as low as 2 with the latest decklink models. Anyways this is the decklink card outputing the frame later than scheduled so it might be win updated the nvidia drivers and it’s causing a performance issue.

Thanks, I have acces to the machine again tomorrow. And I´ll try to raise the buffer-depth, and check the nvidia driver (and others that might have been updated)

I have often seen this warning occur during the startup of caspar, mostly in debug though. It appears that something with initialising decklink consumers there takes too long causing frames to be skipped. As long as it is just during startup its not really a problem, as amcp isnt running yet, so the output will always be black.

If this happens later during running, then buffer-depth will likely help, but I wouldnt expect to see such a large difference between the decklink and scheduled numbers there

Might be HW related because I have an Identical machine that´s running fine.
And it´s not a single error, it´s a stream of error, growing and growing. with the value growing.

I´ll try to swap the decklink.

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Everything is playing perfect now.
It was the computer mainboard, we used it at Tour De France, so the machine probably didn´t survive the French heat :slight_smile:

And thanks a lot for the help.
It´s really a great community :slight_smile: