CasparCG Media Playback can`t move the screen consumer inside the interface

Hello folks,

Ive used the "Four Channel Off Air Logger" in the past which is a nice option indeed. Ive installed the last version of the Simple Media Playback on my workstation (HP Z840) with CasparCG Server 2.3.3 and 2.4.0 Stable version. The problem that Im facing now is a bit odd. I want to put all the screen consumers inside the software but it doesn't do it. As a Screen consumer, I use the PAL on both (program and server) and when I press the "IN" button to move the consumer screen inside the program it doesnt do anything. I can`t see any command on the server when I press this button. I can see other activities inside the server console like the “Show Time” check box option or when I press “Show Input” and “Remove Input”. In the past, this option worked perfectly. Please, can you help me with this problem?

Now the application has been supposed to be all things in 1080i5000, so all default vaues are set as 1080i5000. For PAL will need to select from dropdown box, focus the same screen consumer and the press IN button.
For example to In second cahhnel we need to select Screen consumer [2|PAL] in drop down and focus the same screen consumer and then press IN button.

Hi Vimlesh,

Yes, Ive done exactly what you show in your video. Ive tried a different format PAL, 1080i500 but still the same. This is wired because in the past it worked fine.

Hi Vimlesh,

I found the problem. The consumer name on the client program is Screen Consumer [1|1080i5000] and on the Caspar screen consumer, I`ve renamed it to INPUT01.

Quick question. Is it possible to have this piece of software separately from the rest of the program?

Another issue that Ive seen so far with the last version of the software is that it cant work with server version 2.4.0 stable release. When I press the show input button I can see errors on the console “[error] Check syntax.”