CasparCG integration with OBS Studio

I am chatting with devs on OBS Studio and wanted to know if there is a way that CasparCG can send a graphic out over IP so that OBS can get it and key it on top of the video?

If possible, what kind of signal/protocol etc is used.

Am I right in assuming this is how it is done with ATEM?

Yes, on Windows I’d recommend using NDI and on Linux I recommend piping the raw video through a Unix socket.

No, the ATEM needs two SDI signals: a fill and a key and uses a DSK to key the graphics on top.

Nice! No NDI on Linux?

I still know too little about NDI, but will CasparCG then send a premultiplied graphics signal?

No, NDI is not supported on Linux currently.
I don’t know 100% certain how the signal is sent, but I think it’s premultiplied yeah.

NDI does indeed send a fill & key signal together if the source can supply it. And CCG is such a source. So I would believe in Windows you could feed OBS a signal from CCG which should be keyable straight away.

I use NDI from CasparCG to OBS which works great (including key and fill without any setup needed).

OBS has a community plugin for NDI.

What was the trick to getting CasparCG to work with OBS over NDI? I currenly have it all setup and working.

However when I play content from CasparCG into OBS my lower thirds are displaying a black background which covers the content. Do I need to set any key and fill settings in OBS in order to get it to work?

Change the settings in Windows on your CasparCG machine:

The screen shots were from a German Windows 7. The dialogs look similar in other versions and languages.

Can you explain a bit more how you configuren It, please? Your idea sounds really interesting!

CasparCG can do NDI out on linux starting version 2.2 or 2.3 I believe so that would be a better option now.

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sorry for the late reply!

you need to use the below programs to install NDI for Caspar output and OBS capture of NDI sources;

In Caspar you need to change your channel config to include (which can be used in more than one channel if you wish);

Start up the Caspar server then open OBS - add a new ‘NDI Source’ to your scene. Note that if you have more than one NDI source, visible all are listed in the drop down when configuring the NDI source in OBS.