CasparCG in Linux

Hello all,
Could someone help me to build CasparCG for Linux?
I tried Ubuntu (as suggested) then CentOS, but without success.
I tried docker or “manually”, but without success.

The main errors are:
error: expected primary-expression before ‘(’ token
error: ‘lexical_cast’ is not a member of ‘boost’

in rows similar to this:
return state_proxy(boost::lexical_caststd::string>(key), data_);

I think I installed all prerequisites.
Thank you very much for your help.


I am interested in this as well. Running CasparCG in Docker on something like RancherOS would be ideal but at this point I would settle for anything thats not windows.

This looks like a missing include in monitor.h from a recent commit, but I don’t know why it would still be able to compile on windows…

I have been doing almost all of my dev work for the past month on linux (debian 10) with no real issues. I cant vouch for long term stability though

Hello Julusian,
in which file should I readd the monitor.h include, so I can retry to compile?
Thank you very much.