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There was a post on the old forum with a link to an updated fork of the old depreciated front end. I am using that with CasparCG 2.1, and it seems to work fine with everything I have tried thus far. Can we reach out to the guy who posted that and get that reference back? The download link he provided is still good, and I can post it if that is appropriate. He claimed that it was updated to support all the new xml in 2.0.7.

That is something I did a couple of years back when I still used the frontend myself. It should be correct for 2.0.7, anything newer and it may not quite match up for everything but a majority of the config is the same

The code for it is at:
And download link:

At least the font-path is missing in the front end if using 2.1 or 2.2.
Since I still run 2.0.7 and just accasionally tested 2.1 (mainly to test PSD-producer) I haven really checked out the rest of the differences.
I think the Frontend is a very important part of the CasparCG and I would love if it would be integrated in all future versions of CasparCG Server.

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The problem is the frontend is written in c#, so it isn’t compatible with linux. Development efforts really should focus on stuff that is cross platform. I may be converting our workstation to linux once I get all the html templates finished so we can stop using software that requires windows. If so, I may write a front end in c++ with the Qt libraries for the interface. That can also allow the addition of a system tray icon.

Or use node/electron.

Linux compatability is something I have been thinking about for a while with the frontend, but I would also like it to support running on headless linux.

Personally, I think it should be done in node.js. It could then easily be run either as a service with a webui, or with electron as a more traditional program. It would also make it much easier for others to contribute to and modify for any custom requirements.

Writing something like this in node+electron is very easy, I was something that could easily form the base for this the other week


That looks like a great start. A webUI would be awesome. I would have to learn a a new language/environment to help with code, but I have some friends that do that type of development for a living. If that launcher had a minimize to system tray option, I might even think of running it instead of the old front end on windows. It will definitely be a part of our linux installation.

Our current machine also doubles as an editing and encoding machine, so being able to hide the program from the desktop is important.

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if i may vote i shoud say a webui !!
probally integrated into scanner.

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Hi Julusian, I couldn’t find the frontend exe file for windows? did you take it out? Can please I get it again?