Casparcg.exe: Multiple processes vs Single Process

I have approx 170 installations of CasparCG 2.0.7 that I manage. It has always seemed to be the norm that when running, there is always two instances of casparcg.exe running as shown in windows task manager. According to this link on GitHub, the second instance of casparcg.exe is a host for CEF (html template rendering).

Recently, I have run across a few of my installations that only seem to spawn a single instance of casparcg.exe and I am unable to find any differences to indicate why this is. There are no errors in the log to indicate something failed to start.

Has anyone seen this before?

:open_mouth: Please tell us more (and sorry about not being to answer your actual question.)

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Are you using the HTML producer on all of them? I think the other process is only started if the CEF engine actually needs to start. Otherwise (so just using Flash, File, etc.) you will only get a single process.

We do not use the HTML producer at all I believe. All of our templates are flash.

We do request media content over HTTP but we do not render html code via caspar.

@phoenix8 Iā€™d still love to know more about where you have 170 CasparCG Servers running, and what you are using them for.


Me too! ā€¦