Casparcg-connection loadbghtml

Hi all

Little casparcg-connection (js library) question

how do i load a html page in the background to play it later.

I dont want to load it as a template.
just like
LOADBG 1-10 [HTML] "url" sometransition

love the lib but for some reason i can’t get this figured out
Thanks in front

Use the CG ADD command with autoplay set to false.

Thanks Didi

Normally i would do that but i have to fade in a external/thirdparty html which needs time to load but does not have a intro animation.
i want to transition it in with a mix but i have no control on the HTML
The template controls don’t have transitions as they should be in the template.
So i wanted to use the caspar transitions which you have with LOADBG [html]


I see. I usually do this kind of stuff using a MIXER OPACITY command. Set the opacity to full transparency, then load and play the template and at the end fade it away an stop it.

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not exatly the way i want to go in my application but certainly a option.

Something like below

//use  "casparcg-connection": "^5.1.0",
const { CasparCG, Options, AMCP } = require('casparcg-connection');
var myCaspar = new CasparCG("", 5250)
myCaspar.queueMode = Options.QueueMode.SEQUENTIAL;

const sendCommand = str => { AMCP.CustomCommand(str)).then((casparResponse) => {

    }).catch((casparError) => console.log('Error:', casparError.response.raw));

sendCommand(`loadbg 1-1 [html] "file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/aa.html" mix 100`);

setTimeout(() => {
    sendCommand(`play 1-1`);
}, 10000);

using v6 of the library, you can do something like:

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Thanks Vimlesh & Julian.

i guess i should have mentioned that i was using version 6.

Thanks that did the trick