Casparcg-connection flush bufferd commands on connection

Hi all

When using superfly’s casparcg-connection.
commands get buffered when the caspar server is not running yet.
when you start the caspar-server all bufferd commands are fired all at once.

is there a way to flush all command when the connection is made ?


No, that’s not possible right now. It should be pretty easy to add though if you need it?

Not really needed.

but i noticed that the server can really be flooded with commands
when you forget too start the server or the server has crashed without notice.


Yeah, I guess it might be nice to have. I think the current behaviour is better in a spotty network though, where you might lose connection for short moments but CasparCG doesn’t crash. We already have the concepts of a virgin server in casparcg-connection though so maybe we can make the behaviour regarding queues a bit smarter where it clears the queue on a restart but keeps the queue on a reconnect.