CasparCG Compatibility with Centaurus II Cards

Hi everyone

The title says it all, i’ve got a computer with a centaurus card and i was wondering if any one of you had experiences using in in place of a decklink.

Thank you very much !


Hi Louise, I did not find much informations about these DVS cards on Google. CasparCG supports only Decklink and Bluefish cards. As it is quite a thing to support a new type of cards, I don’t think that it would make sense to do that. The Decklinks are too cheap to make such an effort. Bluefish is mostly supported because of a legacy inside SVT, that owns a few of these.

Bluefish is supported by developers from Bluefish. They are the only card manufacturer to directly support integration with CCG with their own developers.

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Did not know that.

thank you for your answer !