CasparCG ClipTool v2.4.1

CasparCG ClipTool has been rewritten with a nodejs webserver.

Just run the prebuild .exe file on your windows CasparCG machine:
CasparCG-ClipTool/casparcg-clip-tool.exe at develop · olzzon/CasparCG-ClipTool · GitHub

It´s also available as a docker container. (docker run olzzon/casparcg-cliptool/v2.4.1)

Open Chrome and run localhost:5555

Remember to add OSC in your CasparCG config:

  <disable-send-to-amcp-clients>false [true|false]</disable-send-to-amcp-clients>

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Version 2.6.0
AMP Protocol -Control from ROSS Carbonite with AMP
Speed optimization - Client now runs smooth with clock update on a Raspberry Pi 2
Starting before CCG updates clients correctly
Reload client when new folders are selected

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Version 2.7.0:
Added support for individual clients pr output.
E.G if you have a CCG that are shared across different productions or you have a screen that a separate producer should control add the output to the URL: localhost:5555/?channel=2

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