CasparCG client simple playlist

Dear All,
please help me with the simple task. I’m using CasparCG client and I need to create a slide show of images with 40 seconds per image, not image scroll, just slide show without any effects. I added jpeg images to rundown, grouped them, set the duration of every image in image properties. But my slideshow goes at a very high speed, seems millisecond per image. The duration field seems ignored. Or CasparCG is only for playing video files?
Thanks in advance.

I’m running into the same issue here. I know CasparCG as a highly capable software with a plethora of uses. I’m sure we’re looking too deep into the software and there’s a simple way to set a duration for an image, similar like the countdown timer on videos, in order to create a simple slideshow that can repeat itself.

My personal application would use CasparCG as sponsorship and advertising playouts, where images and videos are both present. I hope these questions will help some other parties looking on the web with answers to these relatively noob questions.


I don’t remember if you can play an image (ACMP command) but you could develop a custom client where you trigger the display of the image (either by direct command or template) and set a timer, when the timer reach in X seconds then you trigger the stopping of the image. For the video should be the same. All this works if you only want to control the showing time of the advertising and maybe when is shown and not playing in secuence (playlist).

If you have some Javascript knowledge. Making an HTML template that loads and transitions though images is relatively simple. You could use http-server to serve the images then display them once the complete property is true.