CasparCG client nVidia Card spec

CasparCG server (ver 2.0.7 through 2.3.x) is supposed to run better in a Intel Xeon machine with nVidia Quadropro cards. My experience also tells me nVidia Quadrpro P4000 is very good for CasparCG servers. The I/O cards used are Blackmagic Decklink Duo2.

Nowadays, nVidia RTX A4000 is claimed to be superior to quadropro series. Is it true for CasparCG server also?

Can we go for a hardware with RTX A4000 or we should better stick with Quadropro P4000 for CasparCG?

Also, pls state that CasparCG server 2.3.x is multi-processor, multi-core enabled?