CasparCG Client Mysql



Hi guys,

I was seeing the changelog for the CasparCG official client and appears the possibility of connecting to a mysql database. Anyone know what can we do in the client with mysql? For instance can we send any mysql table to a template?



why not code your own client


That would request a VERY advanced template to be able to handle ANY table. This would not make sense at all. I guess that mysql is just to store the playlist instead of the currently used XML file.


I was hoping to use an SQL table to fill something like template. Some generic table with a specific name.


I use Excel for that. I am currently programming a plugin, that I will open source as soon as it is a bit cleaned up (currently it’s messy code). Yo can query any databases with the PowerQuery function and add a few formulas to foramt the stuff the way, the template needs it and send it to Caspar. Last weekend I did a drone race with it, where the data was coming from a json feed. Worked quite well.


Very nice, I was just trying to find a way of getting data.
Hopping to see you plugin!

This plugin is for CasparCG Client? I will see how it works, learning some programming at the moment and will try to do some…



No, the plugin makes Excel beeing a client for CasparCG.


Below is a Sql / Mysql Test module in “CMP” client.


Hi Vimlesh,

Going to download and try it.