CasparCG client crashes after several seconds

Hello, suddenly the client 2.0.8 crashes with or without a running server. Any ideas?

Does it say anything? Do you run on Windows, Mac, Linux on a motorboat? Can you tell anything, that helps us to help you?

Unfortunately it doesn’t say anything. Running on Win 10 64 bit. Is there a setting file for the client that can be deleted? Or a log?

in the server log there is the error code:
[2022-12-12 14:55:36.795] [7636] [info] Client was disconnected, Errorcode 10053

The client log and the client settings have a default name and location in a folder which is a branch of the ‘Users’ folder set. Let me represent the logged in user name by thisuser. The standard location for the client configuration is:

The client logs are in a subfolder:
The logfile name includes the date for that log, eg Client_2022-12-12.log

There may be a clue about the crash in the client log file, but I have seen client issues/crashes where the logfile showed no reports.

It is safe to delete the Database.s3db and all logs as the folders and files are rebuilt when the client starts. If you are unsure about the configuration file being faulty, try renaming it. A new file with default server addresses etc will be created by a client startup. If the crash issue proves not to be the configuration file you can restore your default config file.

The database file includes all user configuration plus the thumbnail pictures from the server. If you have access to the free DB Browser for SQL Lite app you can open the database file and edit the content of any field. If you suspect the library listing or thumbnail storage may be the problem you can delete all records in the Library and Thumbnail tables. Once the client is again able to startup, it will re-fetch the library list and thumbnails from your server.

Deleting the database helped. Lot of THANKYOU!!