Casparcg & BlackMagic Web Presenter




I wanted to start testing with caspercg for a video dressing station. We will mainly start using casparcg for video input (SDI Input) and deal with client gaspercg (add titles and logo …) in live and semilive bradcasts (SDI output).
I’m using a BlackMagic Web Presenter.
Will it have enough inputs and capacity for what I want to do / test?
Is BlackMagic Web Presenter compatible with caspercg?


Yes and no. You cannot use web presenter as an in– or output to Caspar, but you can send the SDI output from Caspar to feed as input to web presenter, as you can with any other SDI source.


thanks didikunz for your quick answer,
please tell me an explanatory diagram to make this test as well as the necessary resources (materials)?


CasparCG Machine
SDI Card capable of output
Web Presenter
A USB2 (or 3) equipped device


thank you very much for your precise reactivity.
that helped me a lot to introduce the test.