Casparcg as SRT to NDI decoder

Hi! I have started to play around with live SRT feeds to use for remote production, for example video mixing on Paperspace machines and would like a way to convert multiple camera/video feeds ti NDI in order to bring into any vision mixer workflow. Right now, this can be achieved by native SRT support in Vmix, but there are more GPU-friendly (hence cheaper) systems like VidblasterX out there.

The downside then is that I need another step of getting the SRT feed into the mixer… VLC can also do this but have been a little shaky when I tried this with multiple instances.

I have tried to achieve this by, in the official client, using the custom command PLAY 1-10 srt:// (as I saw someone here suggested). I downloaded a newer FFMPEG build than the one included in server 2.3, but the server prompt window tells me that I got an error and nothing plays…

Is there some better way of how to achieve this, prefferably that doesn´t require programming skills? It would be very helpful if I could get this piece sorted out

A bit off topic for a CasparCG forum: have you considerd to use VLC player to play the SRT stream and use the NDI plugin for VLC to send the NDI?

Yes, but my experience was that VLC became a little shaky with artifacts in the NDI picture, srt not reaching through every time etc.

There is an open issue about this in git hub.

This is your product… SRT to NDI with multiple sources:
Have fun :slight_smile:

It seems vidblasterX (from its specs) supports UDP multicast streams.
Decapsulate SRT to UDP and feed directly to your vidblasterX (instead of transcoding to an intermediate like NDI) . If you do just stream copy from SRT to UDP (not NDI) then even VLC will work ok.