CasparCG and Xkeys

so i have an Xkeys XK-60 setting around for a while.
in the past i have used it with just macros.
how ever i stooped when i was on an atem version past its support.

does any one know of a simple soft ware that is able to use an xkeys to send OSC?
then i can use the CasparCG client with it directly.
or better yet is there a way to use the xkeys to directly run things in the CasparCG client. (other then mapping the function keys to it)
i was looking at a few Node.js libraries that allowed this but i am not that great of a programmer.
frankly if i was a better programmer i would just try and add the support to the client.

the fact that the client can interact with both the tricaster and Atem would open up a lot of options as far as automation goes. at least for me.

right now i use an ipad or a tablet and touchOSC or Open Stage Control on a windows tablet.
but there is something about the tactical control of a physical button.