Casparcg 2010 FIFA World Cup, Change clock layer

Hi guys,

any ideas of how can I change the clock’s layer from the “2010 FIFA World Cup” ? I keep changing the layer in all the button in my client, but still it seems to be showing on layer 9999. The strange thing is that when I check the layer number in the casparcg it says the correct layer “98” , but finally it appears to be on 9999.
Any ideas would be more than appreciated.



Sorry can’t help you with this - but I am actually a setup back. I can’t seem to get the appication/templates working or showing at all. I can connect to the server but no graphics display.

Can I ask what were your paths/settings to enable this?



In my case:

I’ve put templates inside templates folder:
C:\casparcg\CasparCG 2010 FIFA World Cup Client\FotbollsVM2010\FIFA World Cup 2010 CasparCG Templates\FotbollsVM2010

C:\casparcg\CasparCG Server 2.0.7\CasparCG Server\Server\templates\FotbollsVM2010

So run the Caspar Server and run the EXE:

C:\casparcg\CasparCG 2010 FIFA World Cup Client\bin\Release\FotbollsVMKlocka.exe

Try and tell if it works.


No not working for me. I have set up the paths you suggest there. The app connects ok, but when I hit show/hide clock I get on the console - Sent Message to 404 CG Error\r\n. I am launching casper from the casper frontend app on PC.

Any ideas?


Edit - seems to be working now with a machine restart! Thanks for the help.