Casparcg 2.2.0 video contactor same as 2.09

Good evening,
My name is Carlos and I work in a Government Company for Brazil, we have been using the CasparCg system for at least 4 years. We were using version 2.09, but with the casparcg update to the newest version it was necessary to update the caspar client to version 2.2.0.
Due to the update we are having problems with the video contacter, which was previously in Frame.
In the Caspar Client settings I already changed the Inspector Tab to Frames, but I didn’t get the change in the Video Contacter.
I really want your help to resolve this issue, Thank you.

I’m having the same problem, what seems to me is that this version of the client doesn’t have a fixed counter in milliseconds and I can’t change it to frames.