Caspar Server RC 2.4.0 HTML-templates play at half speed


I just tested the caspar server 2.4.0 and all my templates play at half speed.
I the server runs 1080i50 and the templates are 50FPS.
Do I have to set the templates to 25FPS and how do I get interlaced fields when I so so?

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CasparCG will be running your templates at 50fps, as internally it runs at 50p.
When outputting to the decklink or other consumers, it gets converted back to interlaced

Thanks Julusian,
but why do my templates run at normal speed with caspar server 2.3.0 and slower with server 2.4.0?

No idea, that is not something I have seen in my usage

Ok, then I have to test on another system. Maybe it is a perfomance issue.

Do html templates always get run at 50p, even if the server is configured to deliver 60p? or, is it going to render at 60p when the server is pushing 60p or 60i?

The Caspar render pipeline is always run progressively, that means it runs at 50p when it outputs 50p or 50i. It runs at 60p when it outputs 60p ot 60i etc.

So to make it clear: The pipeline never runs in interlace mode.

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Thank you Didi for the clarification.

I tested my templates further now and I found out that, the templates play well with cg server 2.4.0 stable and 2.3.0 when I remove the PNG background image in my html template.
So the PNG seems to be the reason slwoing down playback to mor than 50% in version 2.4.0.
Version 2.3.0 also gets slower with PNGs in the template, but not really noticeable.

Can anyone give me a hint, what could cause this and what I can do about it?
By the way, the templates are created with loopic.

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My system:

  • HPZ 440 (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v3 @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz)
  • 32GB RAM
  • Win 10 Pro
  • GPU: Nvidia Quadro K5200

You need to reduce the PNG‘s image size to the smallest area that is possible. A full screen image sequence does not properly run in Caspar. But usually only a small area of the screen has actually content. For instance a lower third is maybe 800x250 pixels. Create a sequence of that size in After Effects, position your PNG sequence in it and render it out as a new PNG sequence. Then position the sequence in HTML where you need it.

Thanks Didi,

yes, reducing the PNG size is a good idea, but do you think a single PNG, not an image sequence, in 1920x1080 pixels can have such an impact and why is it kind of working in 2.3.0 and not working in 2.4.0?


No, should not. If it does, then something in your templates code is wrong.

I never tried 2.4.0, so I can’t help you.

Thanks, I’ll contact the programmer of Loopic, if he has an idea.