Caspar NDI over internet Solutions

I would like to be able to receive a PGR trough NDI over internet and Send Back the GFX over NDI too.
It is happening more and more to have remote productions and to cut budget expenses we need to find a solution.
I tried using Azure VPN but the GFX does not look like smooth. For the moment I fixed the issue installing Caspar on the remote client together with the templates and simply sending the commands.
It remains in any case the issue of the PGM delay and the wish to avoid to have Caspar remotely Installed.
Do you have any experience to share? Thank you!

My approach to this is that NDI over the internet isn’t the way to go because you have HTML that you convert to NDI.Instead move HTML over the internet and convert that to NDI.You can install SPX-GC on a webserver and on the productionsite have Recast that convert HTML to NDI (or CasparCG HTML to SDI).Many HTML-templates can be used both in SPX and CasparCG so it isn’t a question of choosing one system. It’s a question of choosing the right system for each production.

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NDI requires a sustained throughput of 300 - 400 mbit/s with low jitter for a single link. I’m using NDI 5 for a low bandwidth preview and that is fine on a much slower connection. NDI bridge let’s you transcode to NDI HX first and that requires less bandwidth as well. Note that this isn’t simply about uplink / downlink speeds, you need sustained throughput everywhere. If your VPN is too CPU heavy it might not be able to sustain said throughput either.

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I am wondering, how about a server on site + remote client on vpn and program or preview on “Skype/Zoom” alike service ? in this case you can also use two different networks or even two different devices (if needed).

Also supports Alpha channel as far as I know :slight_smile:

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Thanks all of you, I will study a bit all your suggestions :slight_smile:
Much appreciate the help!

The Solution I currently have in production is a machine with CasparCG on site with VPN connection back to office and just use companion to control the remote machine. Use NDI HX for PGM monitoring with about 10 frames of latency. I use Companion for control to be able to control playback from mobile devices as well.

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