Caspar Multiview


I saw there is a new version of the CasparCG. As far as I remember there will be also a new version of the client at some time?
The question I have: Is there a possibility to create a multiview of different layers for one channel? For example seeing the first 9 layers in a screen multiview?

Also I saw in the notes of the new version the following note, what does that mean?

  • Screen: Add side by side key output


Not really. There’s some minor changes but no further major development as it’s very mature and stable. You can find the latest builds here.

Search for MIXER GRID either in the forum or the wiki

It shows a vertical split output where one side is the color video output and the other is the grayscale alpha channel.

Thanks for your fast reply.

Depending the multiview: But that would create also an multiview on the whole output right?
The solution I would like to have (don’t know if possible at all): Everything on one channel, normal output through SDI of all layers, additional on the the same channel a screen consumer with a multiview of different layers.
Isn’t there any command where you get for example just the layer 1?

edit: I downloaded now the current server and client version, how can i do a sting transition? I saw it should be possible now by the changelog.

You need to ad another channel for the multi-viewer and route the layers that you want to see to that channel. Then display it as a CHANNEL_GRID.

I have no idea, probably you find an explaination on GitHub seraching the issues for this.
Edit: It is here.