Caspar Drinks in London?


Sadly I was too busy during IBC to come to the EBU stall or the dinner - but meeting people always seems easiest to get conversations going.

I wonder how many CasparCG users are based in or near London? I fancy setting up an evening with beer and pizza to meet and chat. Would anybody come?


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Seems like a good idea to me - even though I did attend the EBU stand while I was at IBC.

Hello again - I had one reply (from you) and one fav from someone else.
That suggests that London is lacking in the rare resource of

  • casparCG hackers
  • who live in London
  • are active here
  • and have time to drink.

Ah well. I’ll try again in a couple of months :wink:

P.S. Send me a message if you want to meet, two people can still have coffee or a beer!