Caspar Client can't get info of filenames/directory if the first symbol is cyrillic / not english char

Hi all!
I stucked with cyrillic filenames in client / media scanner. This problem appears only with Scanner / Caspar 2.3.0. Seems that problem with database.
The client shows cyrillic filenames in 2.0.7 CasparCG but don’t with 2.3.0
It’s interesting that problem appears if first char of directory or filename is cyrillic char.
For ex:
With 2.3.0 I can’t see media like \ЮdirШ\fileШ.mp4 or ФfileШ.mp4
and see media \dirШ\fileШ.mp4 or fileШ.mp4
I can play hidden files via custom command in Caspar Client (PLAY 1-10 “ЮdirШ\fileШ.mp4”) but can’t get thumbnail of it.

With 2.0.7 i can see all cyrillic files and folders and their thumbnails.

Does anybody now how to fix that?

Not really. I guess it has to do, that the newer versions use the scanner, while 2.0.7 has all the functionality in the main exe. AFAIK scanner is made with node.js and that seems not to cope well with non latin characters. You can either fix scanner by editing the source code (or hire somebody to do so) or just name the files with latin characters.