Caspar CG & Scheduler

As a newbie user of Caspar CG I have some questions which were asked and answered in other topics I guess, but I can not find them. I am lost. I can say that I am not a complete nob, but around CasparCG I just do not get it. I am trying to use it for several years, but every time I give up after several days of trying.
What would I like to do is:

  1. Use CasparCG for scheduled video playout of recorded videos (MP4)
  2. add some video pages (JPG images) with transitions on a schedule.
  3. ingest RTMP on a schedule

I would use i5 computer with 8GB ram and Nvidia 5200m graphics card. I need to output over HDMI (second monitor) to ATEM TVS. I would run 1080i50.

I have tried with RED CAST.

Is there any tutorial or any simple guideline workflow available?

Please do not overlook and I hope my post does not make you angry. I just failed to gather this information’s by myself.


I am afraid, there are no guided workflows available, as there are too many different possibilities.

To help you, it would be good if you could tell us, how far you get, what you tried etc. Did you get anything out of Caspar and into the TVS? I guess it is hard to get the HDMI out of the pc to be 1080i50 to be able to input it in the TVS, right?