Caspar CG Fill and key over 2 decklink cards


I am new to caspar and all of this. I am trying to get the system working so that I can use it for live graphics in productions and to play in videos. I have got the client and server up and working on a machine and slowly getting my head around it. the problem i am having is setting up so I can send a key and fill over black magic cards.

I have a decklink studio 2 with an sdi output and also a Decklink SDI with an SDI output. Is it possible to send the key to one card and the fill to the other card? If so what would the code be I have to put in the config file?


See this thread.

I did it for a long time with two Decklink Mini Monitor cards. Keep in mind, that there may be a small but noticeable delay between key and fill. You may see some effects looking like shadows… So it is no really good solution for complex animated content, but works fine for normal score bugs or lower thirds, also for all kind of still images.