Cannot change port of Caspar's media server

Hi all!

I’m currently trying to set up a basic caspar server, and I’m struggling to run everything. The server is fully operational, but I cannot connect to the media manager. I have modified these lines in my config file:


However when I open up the scanner in terminal, the logs show that it is running on Am I missing a step?

The <amcp> tags segment you included in your question are the instruction that tells CasparCG server how to communicate with the scanner task. The scanner defaults to using port 8000 for communications with CasparCG server and any http: endpoints for other tasks wanting to fetch media information. See the document at for the list of supported endpoints.

The scanner has it’s own configuration file, called config.js, that sets the default values for the config. These settings can be modified by command line switches when scanner starts. I think changing the port number is done by a command similar to:

server.exe --config.http.port 8012

I’m not currently sat near a Caspar to validate the command format, but the readme linked above has a paragraph on configuration.

I’ve just ran this command, I can confirm that it has changed the port in the logs. However, the media server is still attempting to make a connection on The error is a listen EACCES error.

Apologies - I have just tested my command - and it is nearly right but not good enough! However the scanner startup command:

scanner.exe --http.port 8012

makes queries from a browser such as return a list of media. The scanner should listen on address as this is the listen for requests all IP addresses.

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Thanks a million, this worked exactly as expected… Can’t believe I missed this in the docs!

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