Can I make always on top?

Hi! I have a question: can i put my screen consumer to always on top to see all time on pc desktop, at a smaller size like the actual output on decklink card wich is 1920x1080. My screen consumer i would like at 25% size of it.

There sure are tools, that help you make a window always on top. You can easy google that.

This is natively available in server 2.2 and server 2.3
In the config file write as below.

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Thanks i tryed. But at server 2.2 i have this error of media scanner dont running and the client 2.08 dont make nothing, like dont kommunicate with server. This client works with 2.07 server.

Yes, It said you, “that the media scanner is not running”. That means, that the program “scanner.exe” must ALWAYS be run alongside CasparCG server.

It is ok now after scanner. The only problem in the client the progressbar dont show anything.

Server 2.2 + Client 2.2 RC Win10 Pro -> shows clip time

there are some video file formats, that have problems (ffmpeg can’t calculate framerate and/or total number of frames), but in general: if you can see video length in library list - it works.

Thank u for the answer!