Can I connect Caspar CG to DataVideo DP0-100 Playout software?

Hi guys! Myself K.deepak, I ask the Person in Quora that “Can Caspar CG 2.0 be connected to DataVideo DP0-100 Playout software? Are there any HDMI requirements needed?” here is the link below :-

He said yes, it could been connected without an HDMI, but on twitter I asked the different person that how to do , but he asked go to Caspar CG Forum , because he understand the email link on twitter and said he does not known about DataVideo DP0-100 Playout software, please snap the link below :-

Twitter :

so, please tell me that how can I do this, “whether HDMI requirement also needed it what esp., Blackmagic ATEM ?”

thank you for all !


You cannot connect CasparCG to the DPO-100 playout software, because, as I understand it, it does support DataVideo’s HDR-Recorders. What you can do is connect CasparCG to DataVideo’s TC-200 HDMI to SDI box. That allows you to playout from CasparCG to SDI with fill and key. If your PC or laptop has a Thunderbolt port it makes more sense to use a BMD Ultrastudio, as it is a more stable solution.

By the way: I changed the topics title, as it was much too long.

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