Can CasparCG do everything my channel needs is a Diaspora centered news site struggling with little to none knowledge on running live news broadcasts. KDRTV is looking to invest into daily live news streams like the links below
Beautiful intro
0:05 - 0:39 Program sneak peak with stunning lower thirds
0.44 Breaking news graphics
0.50, 3.02, 5:45…… Picture in Picture in beautiful box text below with image preview

Beautiful intro
1:03 - 1:47 Program sneak peak with stunning lower thirds
1:50 Picture in Picture in beautiful box text below with image preview

We currently have little to no knowledge on how live news broadcasts like those links above are set and done.

Our current streams are solo done on VMIX with a few modifications to the free vmix graphics templates

We are looking for a professional to not only guide us but design stunning graphics templates and teach us what platforms like CasparCG we should be using to accomplish it.

Short answer: Yes, sure it can.

Long answer: What are your ideas about how to run your news shows and how many of them do you want to produce (hourly, daily, weekly…)? Do you only have studio moderation and a few duplexes, like in your example? A duplex is when the moderator is in one window and the interviewed person, from abroad, is in a second one, or on a studio monitor etc. Or do you also need to be able to edit news stories? How many? How often? And what is your budget and amount of personell working for the TV News?

It would probably be a better idea to look for a system integrator company in your area, than to look for a graphics designer on this forum, at least when you are able to spend some money in a professional solution. TV News is a very specialized business and a production system for it should be designed with care.

We want our show Diaspora Dive to be a once a week show recaping on events local and national immigrants are facing.

Our current show has our host Dr. Jerimiah in our home studio with green screen background.

I don’t understand duplex but from what I’m getting at it your explaining it as like a multiview? Within vmix we are able to have test studio monitors to click/push in our interviewed person from abroad.

We would love a solution where we are able to push all the editing and graphic live but the stories yes we will need to edit them beforehand we are just lost as how Playout works withing casperCG/ how to set it up to be timed with the graphics.

We want just 5 stories a week and are unsure how much it would cost to pay someone to do it but what we were interested is having someone do it once then teach use how to do it in post then push it into the live solution.

Budget we have no idea the average cost so let us know as we want not only a graphics designer to design us clean templates but for that designer to help/teach us how to use the CasperCG system to incoperate that into our live news programs.

Would the local system integrators be able to support us on the CasperCG platform as from my thoughts I saw them as only being able to assist/help us with platforms like Ross Video, Newtek and more hardware based solutions which we do not have the money for.

That is probably true. There are two companies coming in my mind, that could be of use for you. They are both working with Caspar, but also have built their own news systems based around it:

I think both companies could help you with creating templates, but also streamlining your news production.