Buying a Decklink SDI Micro

Has anyone managed to buy a Blackmagic Decklink SDI Micro card anywhere?
It’s been a while since the announcement and it doesn’t show up anywhere at all.
Local suppliers tell me it’s only meant to big OEMs and I can’t find it in amazon ebay nor B&H.
Seems like they never really entered mass production.

I’ve bought them from FYI you need to buy the adaptor cables separately.

Your local BMD seller is able to order this through the distribution where they get all the other BMD products. Seems you have lazy guys there…
Most sellers don´t list the item as it is too special for most people.

We contacted all three local suppliers.
They’re all in fact very lazy, and it’s a theme over here. If you ask for something they not familiarized with they immediately shut you down. They all suggested me every other Decklink model.
Same thing with computer parts. Good luck finding a last-gen CPU at a reasonable price.
Sadly I live in a country overflowing with lazy and speculative people.

As BMD reseller my colleagues would be happy to help you with this, but shipping from Germany to Argentina makes no sence at all :smiley:
I think ordering in the US is the simplest way…

This card can out fill/key for CG?

I don’t think so. It’s one channel in and one out only, with genlock.

ok, i know, thank you very much, i have a BMD 4k pro work well with fill/key. I can output CG with it.

It can do both, but only as a passthrough. As @rrebuffo correctly pointed out, it is one-in, one-out and, unlike some of the other PCIe cards, they are not configurable nor bidirectional. My best guess is that this kind of product is best suited for use with the Davinci Resolve software.

I have one of these M.2 cards from BMD.