Burned in Metadata

Dear members,

I would like to ask you about playing out feed, that has burn in metadata such as:
clip name, timecode, lenght… (for controling purpose)

I am providing picture from MCR, where they have this using Avid Airspeed

Has someone done this with CasparCg?
Thank You

Yes, using a second channel in caspar this is possible, and discussed in Output remaining clip time to display

As I built something like this for my needs (you could see in the other thread), I could adjust this pretty easy for your needs. Drop me an message if you need one :slight_smile:
Maybe already with an graphic how you would need it.

Thank You so much!
please would You be willing to check my config, I can not make it run.

There’s a tool for that: https://casparcg.net/validator/

Your config file is invalid, there is no element called <channel2>, <osc> should not be in the <consumer> section.