Building error in Windows

Guys please help me in this.
I clone CasparCG server and make solution with cmake but when I opened it in visual studio 2019 and trying to build solution I’m getting

of list file in protocol project.

  • binary ‘==’: no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type ‘const_Ty’ (or there is no acceptable coversion) … Project protocol … file list … line 1403

  • conditional compression of type void is illegal … project protocol … file list … line 1414


Someone help me in this please?

I assume you are trying to build 2.2?
If you don’t need to make any changes you can download a build from
2.2 only supports being built with 2017, so you should use that if possible.
Develop(2.3) should build with 2019, so you might be able to pick out the commit which fixes that if necessary.

Thanks Julusian,
Tomorrow I’ll try it with 2017