Building 2x playout PC in the Netherlands

Hi, I am looking for a specialist in the Netherlands who wants to build two basic equal playout systems with me in the coming weeks. Basic knowledge and hardware available. This concerns installation Caspar CG and programming basic output functions and linking to output of our web platform to Caspar CG. Video output to SDI Key and Fill, with embed audio.

Budget available.for building.
Budget available for cotinus support

If not in The Netherlands, remote installation is possible.

What do you mean by this? How one has to imagine that?

We have built a streaming platform with interactive capabilities. The output / results of the interactive voting is by HTML with transparent background layer. (Key Fill) We would like to start this via the Caspar CG in our videomixer. We need help with assemble and build. En in the end get it working. :slight_smile:

I see, sounds like an easy task.

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Not for me haha. Can you help out? you can send me an email

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