Build CasparCG server from command line on windows


I’m trying to automate a process of building caspar server on my PC by command line and msbuild. Visual Studio 2017.
The command is
"msbuild "CasparCG Server.sln" /p:Configuration="Release" /p:Platform="x64" /t:"casparcg:Rebuild" "
But it gives me an exception
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/core/null_deleter.hpp'
I examined that the folder build/packages schould be generated, but it doesn’t.
But if I try to rebuild from Visual Studio, all goes well - the folder is generated, caspar server sucessfully built.

What can be a solution?

UPD. master branch.


You will need to restore the nuget dependencies somehow. I have not tried to build via cli on windows, so do not know how to achieve this.
@dotarmin is there a snippet of the Jenkins build scripts you can share to help here?