Blur decklink input

Does someone know if it is possible to blur a decklink input?

I want to use a decklink input as an overlay/screen layer to have a 3D scene change color with the lights in the studio.

Following works in server2.3

play 1-1 AMB vf boxblur=luma_radius=20:luma_power=1

THANK YOU! Didn’t know you could apply filters to layers that are not (levels,transform etc).

Works for a video layer, but when I start a decklink in the same layer the effect is gone. :pensive:

This works:

STOP 1-20
PLAY 1-20 DECKLINK DEVICE 4 FORMAT 1080i5000 vf boxblur=luma_radius=20:luma_power=1

If you don’t stop the layer first if you already have a decklink input on, the play with vf won’t work.

Where can I find more information about the vf filters for caspar or is it just the ffmpeg filters:

That makes sense, as you do nor apply the effect to the layer but to the video (or Decklink input) so the moment you stop it the effect stops with it.

I was blurring 2 different decklink inputs plus on the server on different layers:
mixer effects, using masks, overlays, routing, cropping etc.

Was getting: [warning] DeckLink Duo 2 [4|1080i5000] out-sync changed: 140.5207

Then I switched to gblur
PLAY 1-3 DECKLINK DEVICE 4 FORMAT 1080i5000 vf gblur=sigma=50:steps=5

Felt faster and haven’t seen the out-sync go above 0.04

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