Blur CG Layer




can we blur CG layer ? with casparcg filters?
actually i’m trying to blur text in html template but css -webkit-filter: blur(0.4px) is not working in decimal values so with blur 1px text is very blurry and i just want to make it little blurry



Have you enabled Cleartype in Windows? It’s also called “font smoothing”. It should be enabled for using HTML templates and disabled when you use Flash templates.


yes, font-smoothing is enabled



I have blur working with GSAP in Caspar like so:, 0.5, {
    a: 10,
    onUpdate: applyBlur,
    delay: 1

  function applyBlur() {
    TweenMax.set(['.divElement'], {
      webkitFilter: "blur(" + blurElement.a + "px)",
      filter: "blur(" + blurElement.a + "px)"


Did you try :

filter: blur(0.4px);

Instead of -webkit. Because it’s working there.