Bluefish card for making squeezes


I am currently using 2 Decklink 12G cards, but would like to switch to Bluefish cards. Does anyone have experience with them on Caspar 2.3.0, when it comes to squeeze (L-screen). I mean exactly the number of cards (are two required or can one be used, currentlu Im using two decklink card, one is input, second is output). Which card should be appropriate for squeeze (KRONOS K8, Epoch | 4K Supernova S+, Epoch | Supernova CG). [Flash templates of course :sweat_smile: ]

Thanks for help.

Regards :grinning:

Just for curiosity: Why would you want to do that, as these are much more expensive?

The problem is, that not many users here in the forum use these Bluefish cards and so you will not get much help. You can easy do these squeeze back stuff on Decklinks also.

Client noticed image deterioration as signal passes through Caspar. So there is an idea to test Bluefish cards. I have never had contact with these cards, so I prefer to ask what cards to buy and how many … :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect the degredation you are seeing will be because caspar uses 8bit rgba colour, meaning converting to and from 10bit yuv is lossey.
If this is what you are seeing then the same will be true with bluefish too

Thanks for reply. I’ll research the topic.