Blackmagic Cards


Can someone repost here, since i can not find on this new forum, which blackmagic cards are best for synchronous key + fill


I once used decklink 4k pro for this purpose.
But Decklink duo 2 can also be used which is better choice.


I use the Quad 2 which gives up to 4 key/fill pairs, but the Duo 2 is cheaper and has full size BNC connections.


The classic Decklink for FILL + KEY is 4k Extreme 12G
But you can also used Duo 2(2 FILL + KEY Simultaneously) and Quad 2 (4 FILL + KEY )
I have used both without a problems and also you can configure different format on each output ex. one 1080i and the other 720p
The small bnc of Quad its not very practical you must buy 9 cable adapters (~20 euro each), but you reserved only one PCI slot.

The Studio 4K model has also FILL+KEY but only at SD ----NOT HD


Thank you all, this should be pinned somewhere, and maybe expanded with other cards like bluefish, to make it handy info for others here


It is alreday in the wiki


thanx, i did not actually check wiki, my bad :))