Blackmagic/Avid DNxIQ hardware

Hi all,

Have anyone tried to use Avid/Blackmagic Artist DNxIQ for fill/key output. It have 4 SDI outs, but i can not find any info regarding keyers.

or caspar server wont see it at all? It is kinda ultrastudio hardware in a bigger box with bigger LCD screen

That looks exactly like the ultrastudio extreme UltraStudio – Tech Specs | Blackmagic Design

I am pretty sure the ultrastudio extreme works with CasparCG, whether that avid variant works will depend on whether it exposes itself as a normal blackmagic device, or if it uses some other avid specific drivers.
We don’t do anything specific for the other utrastudios, they all use the same api as normal decklinks

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well, probably I will get one unit for test run after all, so I will post my findings here

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Tonight I have tested one unit, and can confirm that DNxIQ is fully working with Caspar, just like regular UltraStudio Extreme.

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