Black Magic SDI 4k



is it possible to get Key/Fill out of a BM DeckLink SDI 4k ?
On the Page it says:
“You also get RS-422 deck control, internal keying and reference input for a complete solution for editing,”

My Mixer is a Black Magic Television Studio HD.
Shoud it be possible to send a HD SDI Signal in 4:4:4 with internal key and only use one SDI input on the mixer instead of two ? Or if not is it possible to use two SDI outs on the DeckLink or do i need a DeckLink Duo 2 ?



No, the card can only output OR input.

Yes, that is the cheapest way to get fill and key.


Well, technically it can output AND input at the same time. (in hd) There is however no option on the TV studio HD to add graphics that way, so you will need at least two inputs on the vision mixer or settle for not having graphics on the multiviewer and use CasparCG as your program out.


I would never do that :slight_smile:


Ahh, yes, well I’ve run shows where CasparCG was the most reliable piece of equipment we had so then I am not worried about it.:grin:


…you are right, but I would not do it because of me, not because of Caspar :wink:


OK well then i will get a Duo 2


It isn’t the perfect solution, however our studio would run graphics out through an SDI 4K, with a bright pink background behind all the graphics layers, and that would be chroma keyed out. It isn’t perfect, but it will do. If given the option though, take the Duo 2.