Bingo Game Custom client CasparCG

Can you include the Atem Black Magic Macro Net Control Switch via AMCP CasparCG…???

Can you make an Module to record the
Feed that pass thorought the
CasparCG Server…?

  • Can you make a Module that let me the
    options to Capture a Picture from the
    Live Feed Video…?

  • Can you integrate a Atem Black Magic Cross Point / Macros Program-Preview 3G SDI/HD input…?

Hi Usman

Can you clearify your question a bit ??

Recording with caspar is possible.
Grabbing a still with caspar is possible.

Controlling atem from a custom client is possible but the atem protocol is a bit akward :wink:


please come on whatsapp?
or skype to discuss

i am waiting for your response

*EDIT: Just now saw that this thread is 5 years old. Hope you found all information you were looking for @usman.

Hello Usman,

Is this a request for paid work? I saw another comment you made that would indicate that. Then there is a separate category on the forum for that kind of requests: Latest Paid Work Available topics - CasparCG Community Forum (

Also using proper grammar and punctuation can help your image. It will show you put some thought and effort into you post. The more information you can give will give you a better response.

CasparCG is a very capable program and many users have created their own clients for their specific needs. So if you are not keen on making your own client which will do everything you require then you have to pay someone to make it for you.

Best Regards

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