Best workflow for creating Graphics - non-coder

What is the best way to create graphics to be used with CasperCG (lower thirds, intros, infoboxes etc.) - I´am working the with adobe CC package, and have no experience with html5.

So what would be the best way, including learning new software, to make an efficient workflow?

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I have some experience only on Flash templates and I am not a coder as well.
I find quite easy to create the design on adobe photoshop and then import it on adobe animate.
This because I know well photoshop in order to create design, otherwise would be the same if you directly design it in animate.

You must learn some basics of action script but if you keep it easy regarding animations would not be too much to learn.


As another non-coder, @ojan 's Google Web Designer templates have been something of a godsend as they have been working very well in my experience. Google Web Designer is quite intuitive once you get around some of the idiosyncrasies it seems to have. I only ever need to actually type things to add a box shadow, for example. It can be quite limiting if you want to work with multi-stage video, you can’t really work the same way as you can with Animate and image sequences.

With Caspar’s (and the rest of the world’s) move away from Flash, making HTML templates seems like the more future proof solution. The other bonus is avoiding Animate, which I am not a fan of.

Thanks!, @fdeigiudici Is it animate cc 2019 or another version? @flawton cant´t get the template to open in google web designer…

You should be able to open the HTML file in the ‘Project’ folder if you open it in GWD via the ‘Open’ menu.

Hei again,

You can the last one of course or Flash CC before it changed name.
Then on the wiki of caspar cg you can download the plugin “template generator” and install it on adobe animate.
After that you are good to go!

OK, got it - it works now, thanks.