Best way to change a textfield


I will have to change a simple text filed in my overlay from “VS” to “2:0” or “0:2” for example.
Now what is the best way to do that?

I could make a HTML page with just a p tag and change that (tho I don’t like that the HTML producer is a kind of buggy? Sometimes I have to play it two times to display it? And it doesn’t show instant.) The second way would be the PSD producer. I already created a PSD file with two textfields named “first” and “second” (I know very creative). And as far as I understand it, I just need to create two keys in CasparCG (first, second) with a value and the text in the PSD should change? I’ve dont that but I didn’t got my text in the text field only random letters.
I’m using the 2.14 NRK version of CasparCG.

And you named your Photoshop layers according to this?

In my opinion the Flash producer is still the fastest and most complete way of doing dynamic templates. But it’s not an easy workflow. Currently we try to bring the PSD producer forward, because this is a very simple and straight forward workflow, but it is still a bit slow…

Yep, the error was that the font was too big. I set it smaller and theres no problem anymore. I have the feeling that the Flash templates were starting after a few ms delay too. But just a feeling, I didn’t do much with Flash templates.
I mean I will have just 2 or 3 text fields that i have to change. I guess that the PSD producer is Ok for that. I have no animation or something else in that.

Yes, you see the difference with bigger templates. I have a statistic screen for football, with 25 to 30 dynamic texts, a video clip background and two logos. In Flash it takes about 2 seconds to load in PSD 12.