Best graphics card in 2022

Hello ! Sorry, I know the question was asked time and time again.
I use a 2016 configuration.
I just update it to windows 10 this week. The system is working prety good.
There are 3 channels, one with decklink extreme for fill and key, and 2 old decklink SDI to play full frame video (for split screen background essentialy)

The computer is based on a Intel Core i7, 8 cores 3,6 GHz. 16Gb Ram and a Nvidia Quadro K620, with 2Gb Ram.

This configuration is quite good, but in order to have a kind of youngness to the hardware, maybe it’s time to upgrade GPU.

In read a lot of threads about choosing a GPU card. I looked about the P2000, but these card is old.

In 2022, which card could be a good choice ? Budget is about 600 €.

Thank you for your kind answers.

I have P2000 in every system… I´ve never ran into any issues with these cards. Good enough for three channels (I´m using Decklink Quad2, so 8 outputs total…).

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Thanks for reply. I finally ordered a P2000 for about 620 € :slight_smile:

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